Are you a service-based business? Do you want to market your services on your business page? You can and should be!! For businesses that don’t offer physical products, the Services tab for Facebook pages is a great way to feature your business offerings for customers on your main timeline and its own tab.

This article explains how to list your service offerings on your Facebook Business Page.  Here’s an example:

To add services to your Page, you must first add the Services tab.

To add services to your Business Page, you must first add the Services tab. The Services tab appears in the left column of your Page.

The Services Tab must be Turned On to Add Your Services.

To add the Services tab to your Page:

  1. Click Settings at the top of your Page.
  2. Click Edit Page in the left column.
    The Edit Page dialog box options appear.
    Edit Page Options
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click Add a Tab.
    The Add Tab dialog box appears.
    Add the Services Tab to your Facebook Page
  4. Next to Services, click Add Tab and then click Close.

Now that you’ve added the Services tab to your Page, you can add your services.

To add services:

  1. Go back to the home page of your Page and click Services in the left column.
    The Add a Service section now appears.
    Add a Service Button allows you to add your service
  2. Click Add a Service.
    The Add a Service dialog box appears.
    Enter the service details in the Add a Service Dialog Box
  3. Click Add Photos to select a picture that relates to this service.
  4. Enter the desired information about your service (name, price, and description, duration), then click Save.
    Your Service appears.
  5. To list another service, click Add a Service and repeat the steps above.

Which services will you add to your Facebook business page?

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Christine Hull, Online Business Manager