What is a Facebook Slideshow?

A Facebook slideshow is a video based on a series of 3-10 photos.  Slideshow videos are a fun way to share information about the products and services you sell. Slideshows can be created from existing photos and stock images, you can add transitions and sound. Slideshows play and capture attention like videos. Slideshows load quickly so they play beautifully on any connection speed. When you create a slideshow, Facebook converts it into a video. Once your slideshow is rendered into a video, you can even download it as a .MP4 file and then upload it other social media platforms.

To create a slideshow on your Page:

  1. Go to the top of your Page’s timeline.
    Step 1 for Creating a Slideshow on your Facebook page
  2. Click Share a photo or video at the top of your Page’s timeline.
    The Share a Photo or Video window appears.
    Step 2: Creating a Slideshow on your Facebook page
  3. Click Create Slideshow.
    The Create Slideshow window appears.
    Step x: Creating a Slide Show on your Facebook Page
  4. Click Add Photos.
    The Add Photos window appears.  You can include up to 10 photos from your computer’s hard drive, from your online photos, or you can take a new photo.
    Select the photos you want to use in your Slideshow
  5. Select the desired photo(s) or take new photos, then click Add Photos.
    The Create Slideshow window reappears. Your photos appear as thumbnails at the bottom of the window.
    You can have upto 10 photos in a slideshow.
  6. Customize your slideshow with the options on the left (i.e., aspect ratio, image duration and transition).
  7. If desired, click the + button to add more photos.
  8. If needed, change the order of the photos by dragging and dropping them to their new order.
  9. Click the Music tab, if you would like to apply music to your slideshow.
    Add Music to your Slideshow
  10. Click Create Slideshow, then add any optional text to the post.
    The Post appears in Edit mode.
    Add text (or a caption) to explain what the slideshow is about
  11. Add text (or a caption) to explain what the slideshow is about.
  12. If desired, click the icons at the bottom of the window to:
    a)  share what you are feeling,
    b) check in,
    c) select a specific audience,
    d) tag a product or service you sell (if it has been set up).
    Apply other details such as what you are feeling, where you are, as well as selecting a specific audience or tagging a product or service you sell (if it has been set up).
  13. Then click Publish.
    It may take a couple of minutes for Facebook to prepare and publish your video. A notification message will appear.
    A notification message appears when your slideshow video is ready to be viewed.

To download a slideshow video from your Page:

  1. Go to the post containing the slideshow.
  2. In the top right corner, click the (More Options) button.
    A drop-down menu appears similar to the one below.
  3. Click Edit Post.
    The Edit Video window appears.
    The Edit Video window allows you to make numerous changes to the post.
  4. At the bottom of the window, click the  (More Options) button.
    Options to Download the video
  5. Select Download HD.
    The video will download onto your computer into your downloads folder (or which ever folder you have specified as your default download folder). Here’s an example of the video I downloaded onto my MAC laptop.
    Download a slideshow as a video on your computer
  6. You can then rename it and upload where you wish.

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Christine Hull, Online Business Manager